Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ebola Deaths are on the Upsurge

The Ebola plague has now killed a total of 1,552 people and infected 3,062 as of August 26, 2014, according to WHO figures. 

The World Health Organization has voiced concern about the "unprecedented" number of healthcare workers hit by the Ebola scourge. More than 120 health workers have died and over 240 others infected so far. In Guinea, where 430 people have died, nurses told AFP they lacked basic medical equipment to treat patients and had even bought items such as gloves and protective clothing themselves. 

Another Ebola epidemic is raging in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the official death count is 31 todate. This is the seventh Ebola outbreak in DRC. The said government and WHO said that the DRC Ebola flare-up is independent and has no associated links with the ongoing Ebola contagion in West Africa. 

It is scary because deaths continue to be on the upsurge. 

The international president of Médecins sans Frontières (MSF), Dr Joanne Liu, informed the United Nations on Tuesday that although alarm bells had been ringing for six months, the response had been too little, too late and no amount of vaccinations and new drugs would be able to prevent the escalating disaster. 

She said Ebola treatment centres had been reduced to places where people went to die alone. MSF has doubled its staff of volunteer doctors in the region but is still unable to cope. 

She told the UN: “To curb the epidemic, it is imperative that states immediately deploy civilian and military assets with expertise in biohazard containment. I call upon you to dispatch your disaster response teams, backed by the full weight of your logistical capabilities. This should be done in close collaboration with the affected countries. Without this deployment, we will never get the epidemic under control." 

Will the UN listen and act? Or will it make more rhetoric and just let the affected countries cope as best as they can? Sadly, we are paralyzed into inaction and people are dying because the world doesn’t care enough!

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