Sunday, August 3, 2014

Women Can't Wait to Climb Poles

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The Turkish Deputy Prime Minister opened his mouth again! He said on Wednesday that women just couldn’t resist pole dancing. ("can't wait to climb poles when they see one" as he put it).
Bulent Arinc's latest remark appeared to have been prompted by the wife of a prominent Turkish footballer who posted a picture of herself pole dancing on Instagram with the slogan "when I see a pole, I just can't resist". [The woman, the wife of Caner Erkin, a prominent player for Istanbul giants Fenerbahce, has since deleted the image from her account].
And he promptly received another round of responses. Baturay Çevik was one of thousands to deride the pole-dancing statement, tweeting a picture of his dog halfway up a pole.
Direniş Haberleri suggested poles on buses should be removed.

And Can Ozan imagined the logical conclusion of Arınç's idea, posting a picture of a Turkish flagpole covered with clamoring people.

Arinc is suggesting that the declining moral values in Turkey can be attributed to pole dancing. Arinc is no different from our Malaysian politicians. I suppose stupidity is very contagious!
On Saturday, I was at the Bankers Club located at the Amoda Building in KL’s Jalan Imbi – MIMKL Toastmasters Club has changed the meeting venue yet again to this place. It was a good meeting though and I was evaluating Premier Advanced member, the talented Alireza Parpaei who presented his CC speech #7. My evaluation was pretty good but this time around, I injected a wee bit of humor into it. Maybe that delighted the audience and I was voted Best Evaluator.
Sunway University Toastmaster, Mirosha Somasundram spoke on “Mind Dynamite”, an intriguing topic that was her CC speech #9. It was well-delivered and it won her the Best Speaker ribbon.
My only grievance was the fact that we started three minutes late and ended the meeting seventeen minutes behind time. The presidential address took longer than usual, the Toastmaster-of-the-Day exceeded his allotted time, refreshment break was overlong and even the four speakers spoke in excess of the time they were given. I would give this meeting a 5 over 10 – a ‘better’ score in spite of our tardiness only because I had enjoyed three of the four speeches! And not to mention, all four evaluations were terrific.


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