Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tanima Divers

A Japanese designer Takayuki Fukusawa is introducing a line of necklaces depicting tiny figurines enthusiastically 'diving' into the wearer's cleavage. Dubbed Tanima Divers, the idea is to inject some humour into the way jewels adorn the body.
While a diver model appears to be free falling at will, others seem to be carefully lowering themselves down a rope while others climb down the chest. All appear to be male.
In any case, these provocative necklaces are only prototypes, and are expected to be released into the market at the end of the year at a yet-to-be-disclosed price point. Fukusawa’s company EkoD Works (of Error Code Works) are currently trying to raise 400,000 yen (about £2,310) for the project on Japanese crowd funding website
On Wednesday, Celtic played an awful game and they face elimination from the Champions League. Ten-man Celtic produced a horrific defensive performance in slumping to a 4-1 defeat to Polish champions Legia Warsaw in their Champions League third round qualifier first leg. I am not surprised because Legia had 21 shots on goal to Celtic's six.
The hard truth is they would need a 3-0 win to progress. It already looks a lost cause for the Scottish side unless there is a remarkable transformation.

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