Friday, August 15, 2014

Support Gaza: Resign from McDonald's and Starbucks

Miscreants who appeared under the guise of the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (or its Malay acronym PPIM) are not content to just ask Malaysians to boycott McDonald’s or even Starbucks. Of course not because the boycott isn’t really working. 

So, they decided to target the Malay-Muslims who work in these very outlets in order to get them to resign. The idea is to protest their employers’ alleged links to Israel. 

And PPIM’s Nadzim Johan said that quitting is “nothing”. He added that those who choose not to leave their jobs are putting up “excuses” in their support for the Palestinians. 

Nadzim is assuming that everybody is for the Palestinian cause. The reality is different. I did say that much of the world don’t actually give a damn about the Palestinians, beyond emphatic expressions of sympathy and succour. There’s already an abundance of pain and suffering elsewhere. Just look at Syria. Iraq. Ukraine. Liberia. Sierra Leone. Guinea. Why should Gaza be at the top of the list? 

And Nadzim mocked hard-working Malaysians by telling them that finding jobs is easy, that they shouldn’t be happy working for those who are killing their Palestinian ‘comrades’, that they should pay attention to the bad advice dished out by the invidious twerp from PPIM, i.e. him.

On Thursday, I was at the Ireka Toastmasters meeting held on Level 18, Wisma Mont Kiara in KL’s Mont Kiara. Their afternoon meetings, seem to enjoy better attendance than their evening meetings, And I would describe this particular meeting as relishable, if I may. 

I was more a passive participant although I did take part in Table Topics and I was voted Best Speaker. Yup, my verdict is that this was a good meeting and I am giving it a score of a 7 over 10.

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