Wednesday, August 6, 2014

No Zionist Burgers this Friday

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Malaysians have been invited to boycott McDonald’s starting this Friday. For 24 hours. This call went viral on social media.

Postings on websites in Malaysia claim that the top management of the company in the US of A is headed by Jack M Greenberg, who allegedly is a Jew, and that the company is funding the Zionists in Israel. 

McDonald's Malaysia disputes the claim saying that Greenberg is no longer the chief executive officer of McDonald’s Corporation in the US, and that he left the company way back in 2002. 

It similarly denies channeling revenue from sales, profits or franchise fee from its restaurants to support any form of political campaigns, violence or oppression in Israel. 

Interestingly, the individual(s) who initiates this did not identify himself or herself. In any case, I wonder, what is the point of it all?

Why a ‘Boycott McDonald's Day’? I mean, why are we doing it for just one day? Why not boycott McDonald’s until Israel stops the genocide in Gaza? Or as the above image suggests, boycott McDonald’s until Israel leaves Palestine!

But why target McDonald's? This I don't understand! I'm not loving McDonald's but on Friday, I am going to have a Happy Meal! Methinks, this boycott call is an act of daft silliness.

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