Saturday, August 30, 2014

Najib Razak Envious of Wan Azizah

Najib Razak who is UMNO president (and unfortunately, also the Prime Minister) is trying very hard to sully the good name of Wan Azizah (left). He has bandied the “nepotistic” label at her and Anwar Ibrahim. He has also accused the husband-and-wife of having ulterior motives to feather their own nests. This is mischievous, mean and malicious!
I suppose Najib is envious that Wan Azizah is a woman of substance. She is a somebody. She is an ophthalmologist by profession, party president, former opposition leader, state assemblyperson and MB-elect. Wan Azizah has certainly proved her mettle.
For those who have been following Malaysian news, we know that she is the reluctant politician. She comes to the forefront only when Anwar is boxed in because of his sodomy case.
On the other hand, Rosmah Mansor (Najib’s wife) has never been any of the above. And yet she is given de facto ministerial status by the government; the free use of the executive jets; the trips abroad to represent the country at the expense of taxpayers; and other expensive shenanigans that she is involved in.  And don't forget the ample publicity she regularly gets on our mainstream news that exaggerates her ‘humble’ status as the wife of the Prime Minister and making her even larger than life.
If Najib genuinely believes that his wife is no less capable, why doesn't he move to promote and push her to become the UMNO president? And after that, she can be Prime Minister. Who knows, she might just prove to be even better than him? It shouldn't be too difficult because he has not done anything significant.

Until then, the PM would do well to SHUT UP! Just focus on his job. That's the least we taxpayers and citizens expect from him.
On Wednesday evening, I was at No.2 Jalan Tun Sambanthan 3, Brickfields in Kuala Lumpur to attend the MIA Toastmasters meeting. Two Sunway University Toastmasters delivered their speeches and even in unfamiliar surroundings, I reckon they did well. One of them, Marilyn Lai was voted Best Speaker and even I was voted Best Evaluator.
Thanks to the club president, Johnny Yong for granting us the two speaking slots – it is much appreciated. At our club, speaking slots are hard to come by – there is a waiting list of 3 months! Coming back to this meeting, I would score it a 6.5 over 10.


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