Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lynas TOL Expires in 3 Weeks' TIme

In three weeks’ time, Lynas Advance Materials Plant’s (LAMP) Temporary Operating License (TOL) expires. September 03, 2014. It will have to cease operations if it is not renewed by then!

Will the Malaysian government wise up? I can only hope and pray.

Last evening, I was in Jalan 8/1D, Petaling Jaya where I delivered my CC#4 titled “Love is an Illusion”. I was evaluated by CP Lau. This is Round 7 of my Project 15. For a while, I carried an anxious look on my face because I didn’t know how this title for the speech came about. And I wasn't quite sure about what to speak but quick thinking ensured I had a speech that was coherent, cogent and compelling. I even injected humor into the speech and I am glad it turned out well. After all, I was voted Best Speaker.

I really don’t know if I find extemporaneous speaking easy to do but I am constantly challenging myself and admittedly, it can be stressful sometimes.

This club managed time very well and we started and ended on time. I shall give this meeting a score of an 8 over 10 – after all, I missed my Taman Indrahana meeting to be there and it was an evening that was well-spent.

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