Monday, August 11, 2014

Ahmad Shabery Cheek Shows Off His Stupidity

I didn’t know that for some Malaysians, it is a lot more comfortable if their brains are detached from their craniums. It allows the owners to proudly show off their stupidity.

That was what happened to Ahmad Shabery Cheek, the empty-headed Minister of Communication and Multimedia who on Saturday, had stated the government’s readiness to study whether Facebook should be blocked in Malaysia so that Malaysians can be prevented from willfully abusing the social networking website. 

This is not the first time a threat is made to stifle Internet freedom in the country. 

Even without a Facebook ban, Malaysia is already at an all-time low in history in terms of freedom of expressions. Malaysia suffered a sharp dive of 23 rungs in the 2013 World Press Freedom Index (PFI) from 122nd to 145th (out of 179 countries) – our lowest-ever position, lower than even Zimbabwe, Cambodia and Kyrgyzstan. 

If Facebook is to be banned in Malaysia, we’ll join the likes of North Korea, Cuba, Iran and China as “Facebook-banning countries”. 

Surely, Putrajaya knows that Facebook is used by more than 13 million Malaysians? For sure, Malaysians will not tolerate any attempt to make Facebook inaccessible. And Ahmad Shabery Cheek is responsible for "communication"? What a joke!

Seventy-eight days after May 21, 2014, I can declare these outcomes insofar as my Toastmastering achievements are concerned: 

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