Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Somebody Jumped the Gun

The Cadbury saga continues. The story began when certain chocolates turned "piggish"  read my post dated May 29, 2014 at this link at

Deputy Minister Hilmi Yahaya is now saying the Health Ministry is not at fault. Some idiot had jumped the gun and leaked the preliminary report of porcine DNA in Cadbury chocolates – completed in February – through Instagram even before a second test on the tainted sample could be undertaken. 

Hilmi explained: “…they kept the result for so long, three months is too long, then after that (it) came out in social media, which we never sanctioned". 

A deputy minister himself has come out of the woodwork to defend the Health Ministry. Don’t you know that the blame game is a favorite pastime in Malaysia? 

The participants of the Petronita YLP took time off to check out the 58.4 meter skybridge – at levels 41 and 42 – which links the Petronas Twin Towers. The unique double-deck skybridge stands 170 meters above street level with its arch support forming a symbolic gateway to the city center. 

I took a few photos of the streets below from high up:


We also visited Galeri Petronas, a venue for visual arts and where Malaysian artists display their artworks: 

And my personal favorites:

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