Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ridhuan Tee Rants Against The "Ultra Kiasu"

The fool has struck again! 

In his Sinar Harian column yesterday, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah (left) had demanded Putrajaya shut down Cadbury following the discovery that two of its products contained porcine DNA. He wanted tough action to be taken against the company to teach a lesson to the "ultra kiasu”. 

"Ultra kiasu" is Ridhuan’s favorite euphemism for those deemed as going against the Malay-Muslims. 

Specifically, he asked for Cadbury’s business license to be revoked. He claimed that Malaysia will not be bankrupt if it shuts down the chocolate factory. 

In the same write-up, Ridhuan also called on Muslims to boycott eateries run by non-Muslims to ensure that they did not end up consuming food which might be contaminated by porcine DNA. 

Ridhuan said based on his previous experience in rearing pigs and eating pork before he converted to Islam, porcine oil was among the "best" ingredients to be turned into seasoning and stabilizers compared with other oils and fats. 

Ridhuan said the best way to avoid any possibility of consuming pork or any of its related products was to just frequent food premises owned by Muslims. He said he couldn’t understand why Muslims are “excited about going to non-Muslim food premises” although they might not display the halal logo. 

He said: “Look for Muslim food that is guaranteed halal. Whether it is delicious or not is a question of putting it in our mouths. When it goes to the stomach, the deliciousness dissipates”. 

In other words, his advice is to eat to sustain oneself, not to enjoy. I think it's best that he insists Malays avoid mixing with non-Muslims in order that the former is not sullied in any way by pork-eating Chinese. Haram lah, these Chinese!

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Unknown said...

What goes into ur mouth is not as important as what comes out of the mouth. This moron should just zip his gap