Sunday, June 8, 2014

Government Minister Supports Bride Snatching

It shows the extent of how much the country has descended into a despairing state of degradation when a wedding can be stopped and the bride shanghaied – all in the name of Islam. And by a government institution. Of course we can expect to hear loud applause in support of Jais. 

Isma's ulama council chairperson Aznan Hasan (left) said Jais' action was an attempt to prevent vice from happening. 

"In this case, Jais' action was 'saddu-al-zarai' (preventing vices)," he said, adding that the move was in accordance with 'syarak' (Islamic law). 

"In fact, it is the responsibility of (Islamic) religious institutions to ensure incidences that go against 'syarak' do not happen (and in this case) the marriage of a Muslim woman to a non-Muslim," he tried to justify the Jais deed. 

We may excuse Isma since they sit on the lunatic fringe of their religion. 

But on Thursday, we also hear the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Jamil Khir Baharom (left) declaring that Jais had played its role in safeguarding the interests of Islam in the state. In simple language, it means, an UMNO government minister is condoning this Jais high-handedness, this misplaced zealousness, this bride snatching. 

Why is it that these cretins seem to feel that their Islam is so weak that it must be defended? Surely, Islam does not need any safeguarding. It has been around far longer than Jais, Isma, and even the Taliban, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab or other dysfunctional groups. In fact these religious perverts need Islam to survive and in the name of survival, they disgrace, defile and dishonor Islam. 

This is not an isolated case. We also have child snatching. This is another mess made more complicated because it involves religion. Again, it involves Islam.

On April 09, 2014, mother S Deepa’s joy of winning custody of her two children from estranged husband Izwan Abdullah, a Muslim convert, two days earlier turned to terror when he abducted their son from her home in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. That terror turned to disbelief when she learnt that the police cannot – or will not? – do anything as the man was granted custody of the children by a syariah court last year. 

Deepa then obtained a recovery order which compelled police to look for the boy and return him to her. But police said they were awaiting legal advice from the Attorney-General's Chambers. Todate, Deepa still has no news of her son. 

On June 06, 2014, a Muslim convert Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah (formerly known as K Patmanathan) defied a court order to return his daughter Prasana Diksa to his Hindu ex-wife M Indira Gandhi and putting him at risk of jail for contempt of court. 

Mohd Ridzuan had walked out of the house on April 03, 2009 with then one-year-old Prasana and the birth certificates of the couple’s three children, later using the birth documents to convert the trio to Islam. [He embraced Islam in the early part of 2009]. 

On July 25 last year, the Ipoh High Court annulled the conversion certificates of Prasana and her siblings Tevi Darsiny and Karan Dinish – aged 16 and 15, declaring it unconstitutional to force a minor to embrace a different faith without the consent of both parents. But Mohd Ridzuan failed to turn up in court with Prasana and return her to Indira despite the Ipoh High Court’s orders. 

Parental tussles over child custody and child conversion to Islam do not put the religion in a good light. Likewise, the disgraceful act of disrupting weddings. 

Islam is being portrayed as being about compulsion. Coercion. Control.

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