Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wanita MCA's Nine Familial Extermination Demand

MCA is turning malevolent by the day.
On March 26, 2014, MCA Wanita chief Heng Seai Kie (left) made a daring demand – on her Facebook page – to execute the kin of treacherous DAP and PKR members because the latter had purportedly discredited Malaysia in China over the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.
[I am sure we are aware of the continuous chorus of ceaseless criticisms of how Malaysian authorities have blundered and bungled in managing the MH370 case. It’s a case of crisis management becoming a management crisis.]
For the complete details of Heng's Facebook posting, which was in Chinese – it has been translated as follows:
"It is understood the Chinese families of the plane crash are so angry today because DAP and PKR have entered China's largest media platform, WeChat and WeiBo.
These few days they have been using these two platforms to spread rumours and cause emotional confusion to the families, making the whole of China belittle and doubt our government. Even China's officials are getting their information from WeChat and WeiBo.
If this is true, DAP and PKR, for the sake of their own political agenda have become traitors who discredit our own country without hesitation, they should be severely punished with the 'nine familial extermination'."
For those who don’t know about this method of punishment, the “nine familial extermination” (simplified Chinese: 株连九族; traditional Chinese: 株連九族) was meted out for capital offences (such as treason) in ancient China.
Under the punishment, family members, close and distant relatives down to the ninth level, would all be executed for simply being associated with the offender. This is really guilt by association.

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But there is more to it than slaughter by numbers. The killing method could be gruesome. In fact, a favorite method used was lingchi – it is best described as death by a thousand cuts, where the victim was slowly sliced and dismembered.
Anyway, it was so severe a punishment that in over 3,000 years of recorded Chinese history, only a couple of incidents were reported.
One well-known case befell a scholar named Fang Xiaoru in 1402. Fang’s loyalty to the deposed Jianwen emperor (and his subsequent refusal to write an inaugural address for the succeeding Yongle emperor) earned him the threat of nine exterminations. Incredulously, Fang asked for 10, and the emperor added Fang’s students to the execution list. In all, 873 people were reportedly killed. Fang himself was cut in half at the waist.
Coming back to MCA’s Heng, when angry protests thundered in response to her posting and even police reports were lodged against her – she remained adamant. Steadfast. Stubborn. She did not show remorse or shame.
Instead she went on the offensive against those who had excoriated her.
First, she shot a question – whether the intense reaction to her Facebook posting meant that the allegation was true.
She maintained with vigorous obstinacy: "If their answer is yes, then they should ask themselves if their attitude is in line with the Malaysian spirit. If they answer no, then how can they say I am accusing them?" she said.
Second, she justified herself by saying that it was a private interaction between her and friends and/or colleagues. A private chat on Facebook? You and I know that this is just bovine shit!
I am appalled that this woman could even think up the 'nine familial extermination'.
Heng is just one fiendish example of the many malefic miscreations who inhabit the Malaysian political landscape that is evil and foul. Is it any wonder MCA is both cursed and shunned?

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