Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Running Prime Minister

I was laughing so hard yesterday morning that tears raced down my cheeks. I had read in The Sun (p 05) that Gerakan, a mosquito party allied to UMNO had organized a 3-km ‘anti-corruption’ run on Sunday which was graced and kicked off by the prime minister himself.

Instead of focusing on issues of national importance, these clowns prefer to indulge in irrelevant activities that champion frivolous flippancy.

Does Najib Razak (left) really believe that sweating it out for 40 minutes can actually banish corruption from this country? If that is not preposterous, I don’t know what is. How ridiculous can he get?

But then, this is Najib who has regularly proven to be a remarkable prime minister. Remarkably asinine. He makes me believe in reincarnation because nobody can be as stupid as he is in one lifetime.

Or maybe he is only pretending to be stupid because it takes negligible effort. I consider him to be the lazy Malay. He is skilled at running away from the real tasks at hand. He is adept at running away from his prime ministerial responsibilities. He runs whenever there is a problem.

Coming back to the issue of corruption, there are no short-cuts. To combat corruption, you need political will and an anti-corruption agency (unlike the toothless MACC) that is answerable to parliament. We must also be determined to dismantle the culture of corruption that is prevailing. Sadly, Malaysians are still waiting for that to happen.

On Saturday, I was at the D-Villa Residence in 225, Jalan Ampang in KL for the MIMKL Toastmasters meeting. I was a speech evaluator for an Advanced speech from the Storytelling manual and which I enjoyed listening to.

Two Sunway University Toastmasters (i.e. Kent Phang and Castrine Tan) were at the meeting and they delivered their CC speeches. I wanted them to benefit from this experience of speaking outside their own club. Only then will they learn to speak with composure to an unfamiliar audience in an unaccustomed environment.

I did not stay until the end as I had to rush off to Taylor’s University for the Division B International Speech & Table Topics contests – where I was one of six contestants for Table Topics. I was the fourth speaker and it was very competitive. When my turn came, I did my best but that wasn’t good enough – and so I only managed second runner-up.

As for the International Speech contest, my friend Meyyappa won and I will be challenging him and others in Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu on May 04, 2014. I aim to give all of them a tough fight.

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