Thursday, April 17, 2014

Political Persecution Starts Again

Already the Court of Appeal last month had sentenced Anwar Ibrahim to five years in jail, following the prosecution’s appeal against his acquittal by the High Court in Kuala Lumpur. And just as quickly, prosecutors filed a cross-appeal to push for a longer jail sentence.
In another case, DAP’s Karpal Singh was fined RM 4,000 after he was found guilty of sedition by the High Court and in its cross-appeal at the Court of Appeal, the prosecution is asking for a jail sentence against him.
We are witnessing a conspicuous attempt to finish off Anwar’s political career. And likewise, to send DAP a signal that they too are being targeted.
Najib Razak and his UMNO government are all geared up for another round of political persecution! Tyranny has been unleashed. And Malaysians can no longer stay quiet! We must speak up!
On Tuesday, I was at the Wiseed Meeting Center in Merchant Square, Petaling Jaya for the Friendship Toastmasters meeting. The club president was kind enough to have arranged a speaking slot for me and I delivered CC #2 titled “License to Speak”. The former was also my evaluator. A good meeting overall and it secured a score of a 7 over 10. 


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