Saturday, April 26, 2014

MH370: Mahathir Mohamad Blames Boeing

After Najib Razak, it is Mahathir Mohamad’s turn to demonstrate his superior intelligence! 

Mahathir (left) wrote in his blog yesterday that in the case of the missing MH370, Malaysia Airlines is not at fault. MAS flew a plane fully expecting it to perform the task. But the plane has somehow behaved differently. 

Then he pointed his finger at the makers of the plane – Boeing Aircraft Corporation and said the company should explain how it could have produced a plane with communications and tracking systems that were so easily disabled. 

But then, just as quickly, he was again being mischievous when he implied that the pilot was the culprit who incapacitated the plane. He wrote: “Normally it is entirely possible for the crew, the pilots and co-pilots to communicate even with KLIA. Maybe the captain did not want to. But surely the co-pilot would want to inform ground stations that the plane was not flying according to the scheduled route”. (My emphasis in italics).

He is ranting again and I can just imagine him foaming at the mouth. He must have taken the cue from Berita Harian who had previously published an article floating the theory that the airliner’s mysterious disappearance had to do with claims that most MAS pilots support Pakatan Rakyat. Additionally, there was the underlying conviction that the plane was hijacked and that the pilot(s) was/were somehow in cahoots with the “terrorists”. 

I recall reading somewhere that 80% of MAS staff is pro-PR. So if I pursue this logic, it means 80% of all MAS flights are potentially hijack prone. 

Anyway, Mahathir Mohamad never ceases to amaze me. I suppose given his advancing years, he has skilfully confused himself into believing that being stupid and being clever are the same thing.

Today is the 50th day MH370 disappeared without a trace.

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