Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Malaysia Wants Custody of the Black Box

I read the news that Malaysia’s Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail is in the UK and having discussions with the International Civil Aviation Organization on who should have custody of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370’s black box, if it is found. 

I am perplexed. I wonder why are we so desperately wanting to take possession of the black box when we have yet to recover the said device. Assuming it can be found. 

I hope the government is keen to take ownership of it not because it is hiding something.

The fools running the government should remember that the truth is more important than keeping the lid on dark secrets (if any) that the black box may hold. 

Don’t hide. 

The reason I was in Malacca on Saturday was to attend the Triple Joint Toastmasters meeting at Hatten Hotel Melaka in Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir. It involved Toastmasters from three clubs from three geographic areas: Kuala Lumpur (i.e. Premier Advanced Toastmasters Club), Malacca (i.e. Malacca Toastmasters Club) and Singapore (i.e. SRC Toastmasters Club). 

The meeting was no great shakes – this is my personal opinion – and so, I would give it a score of 5.5 over 10. I thought many of the speeches lacked punch and the evaluations very kind and lenient. If I was one of the speakers, I don't think I would've benefited, and I am being honest about it. Joining Toastmasters is about constantly improving and challenging ourselves and we can only do that if we receive feedback that is honest and insightful.

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