Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hishammuddin Hussein Rebuffs Apology Demand

Did I tell you that we have clowns (the two in the photo above) in the government?
Yesterday, Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein came out to defend the prime minister (who is also his cousin) that the latter did NOT mention that MH370 had crashed in the Indian Ocean and that there were no survivors!
He said the prime minister merely used the word “ended” and therefore, it is not Najib’s fault if the public chose to interpret it to mean that those on board MH370 had lost their lives. As far as he and Najib are concerned, the dim-witted masses got it wrong! MH370 had ended their flight in the Indian Ocean – that was what Najib said. Full stop. So in the light of that statement, there’s really nothing for Najib to apologize. 
[On Sunday, Chinese nationals who are family members of those on board MH370 had sought an apology from Najib and Malaysia Airlines for misleading them all this while].
The fact of the matter is that all of us are suckers! Nearly all of us. I am excluding myself because I never believed Najib anyway. So the foolish public had been swift to offer condolences because they erroneously thought “ended” meant “dead”! Resting in peace!
So kindly perish the thought that MH370 has perished! Hishammuddin has now made it crystal clear – it has not! It just got lost.
We should go back to school. We can’t understand simple English. That explains why we jumped the gun. The prime minister was misunderstood. Please mind our Inggeris (English)!
When passengers end their flight – it means that they arrive safely and they disembark. So these people are probably on some idyllic beach somewhere in the Indian Ocean and having a great holiday at MAS expense. This is what Najib actually meant.
Malaysians – which part did you not understand?

Image credit: http://health.ninemsn.com.au/menshealth/healthandfitness/8255200/eat-to-look-better-on-your-beach-holiday

And if you are still baffled after reading the above, don’t worry! You are not the only one!

Please excuse me if the above is repetitive. The way Najib and Hishammuddin have been flip flopping, I am seeing stars. These two have been having second thoughts, and even third thoughts and it shows that they themselves are at sea.

BTW, Hishammuddin left for Hawaii last night and Najib is going to Perth, Australia tomorrow. Have a good time, fellas! Hey-y-y, wait a sec! Who's going to be in charge? It doesn't matter, does it?

On Sunday, the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih) chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah (left) has given Putrajaya a stark warning: Ignore electoral reforms and we will march! In other words, Bersih 4.0 will be unleashed.

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Sui Juris said...

It means the plane landed safely on the waters of Indian Ocean...but 'the no one survived' really baffles me???