Saturday, April 19, 2014

Langkawi Worm Insults Karpal Singh Again


A screen capture of Langkawi MP Nawawi Ahmad's exchange with Facebook user Shamsul Kamal Ariffin Mohd Nasir. Image credit:
The Langkawi worm that goes by the name Nawawi Ahmad (left) again speared the late Karpal Singh with another vicious insult. This time the latter was compared to a hostile figure in Islamic history. 

Facebook user Shamsul Kamal Ariffin Mohd Nasir told The Malaysian Insider that Nawawi, during a private Facebook exchange, had referred Karpal to Abu Jahal, considered in Islamic history as the most violent figure who fought against Prophet Muhammad in Mecca. 

"I commented on his Facebook page today to reprimand his uncivilized act which has shamed Muslims. An argument ensued between us after he sent a private message on my social page," said the corporate trainer. 

Shamsul said he was shocked to discover Nawawi defending his comparison of Karpal to Abu Jahal after the latter had apologized for his earlier posting which was roundly criticized. 

Nawawi is scuz, slime, shit. A stinking UMNO maggot.

The Economist had described Karpal Singh as a "rarity in the venomous world of Malaysian politics" for commanding respect from both his peers as well as his opponents.

In an obituary titled “Burning Bright”, the international politics and business weekly said condolences to Karpal's family have poured in from across the political spectrum, including from Prime Minister Najib Razak who had described the man popularly known as the Tiger of Jelutong as a "formidable opponent".

"Mr Karpal’s popularity was due to more than his tigerish courage and tenacity. His dignity, modesty, humour and courtesy, all played their parts. 

However, the weekly noted that the outpouring of sympathies and friendship was as rare as the man receiving it.

"It was also a reminder that, though his death has been received with respect and regret (some nasty political jibes notwithstanding), that is not how Malaysia's opposition politicians are treated when alive.”

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