Saturday, April 5, 2014

AirAsia Mocks MAS and Disrespects MH370

AirAsia can’t wait to mock MAS again and show the utmost disrespect to the kin of MH370 passengers and crew. It first came to light when a passenger flying aboard an AirAsia flight photographed a page from its inflight magazine and posted it on Twitter on Friday, before denouncing the airline of being managed by “arrogant douchebags”.

In the Travel 3Sixty’s April edition, the magazine carried a feature on global positioning system (GPS) navigation used in flights, along with examples of pilot navigation errors that occurred – coincidentally – on Boeing aircraft. AirAsia exclusively flies Airbus planes. 

In an inset touting the expertise of the budget airlines’ pilots, however, was a selection of words that were clearly improper against the backdrop of the missing Boeing 777-200ER that disappeared on March 8 with 239 on board. 

The text boasted: “Pilot training in AirAsia is very thorough and continuous. Rest assured that your Captain is well-trained and the plane will never get lost”. 

The budget carrier withdrew its magazine today and apologized for the offending article. 

But the fact remains that AirAsia is always too arrogant for its own good! 

On Thursday, Sunway University Toastmasters met and this was by far one of the largest, if not the largest attendances recorded for a regular Toastmasters meeting. Sharif Ahmad helped me count a whopping 53 people consisting of both members and (non-Toastmasters) guests. 

And like most of our meetings, we heard good speeches and evaluations. But I am going to give it a score of a 4.5 over 10 because again, we started one minute late! That was an intolerable sixty seconds. 

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