Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Government Hide MH370 Info

More than half of Malaysians polled last month believe that the ruling Barisan Nasional government has been hiding information about flight MH370's disappearance, according to a Malaysian Insider survey. 

Out of the 1,029 respondents polled, 54% said Putrajaya was not transparent in releasing information about flight MH370 which vanished on March 08. 

Respondents were selected through random stratified sampling methods along the lines of ethnicity, gender and age, and covered all the federal seats in the peninsula. The survey was carried out from March 24 to 30 with the selection of respondents proportional to the population in each parliamentary constituency.

On the performance of Malaysian ministers in the MH370 crisis, 21% of the respondents said they were very dissatisfied while 19% were very satisfied. 

Do you really think the authorities care about the results of this survey? Hell, no!

On Monday, I  had gone to the Tropicana Golf & Country Resort in Petaling Jaya to deliver my CC#2 speech titled "Satisfaction Guaranteed". This was Round 8 of Project 15 and my dedicated evaluator was Benny Chia. Certainly, I thought it was a fairly good speech and I am still continuing to challenge myself by doing speeches extemporaneously. Crystal Toastmasters are great supporters and I am very appreciative. Overall, this was a good meeting and I am awarding it with a score of an 8 over 10.


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