Sunday, March 16, 2014

Najib Razak Finally Appears Before the Media


On Saturday, Malaysia's Prime Minister, Najib Razak, finally appeared before the media – almost 45 minutes later than scheduled and for the first time since flight MH370 went missing! It tells you a lot about this man who doesn’t seem to care. Or give a damn. 

And he made a deadpan statement that talked about MH370’s deliberate diversion but yet refusing to say that the plane was hijacked. This sounds like doublespeak to me. Anyway, newspapers everywhere had reported that an unnamed Malaysian official who is part of the investigation into MH370’s disappearance confirmed yesterday that it was indeed a hijacking. 

Malaysians are used to Najib doing a disappearing act – this was not the first time. And believe me, it won’t be his last. 

But let us not be quick to judge him and flay him for his phlegmatic indifference. He could well have been embarrassed by his people’s handling of the MH370 crisis. It was a week of false leads, amazing U-turns, bizarre speculation and outright contradictions. It was a comedy of errors that was allowed to take place and as a result, precious hours were robbed from tracking down the plane on that very Saturday itself. 

If Najib has any dignity left in him – he would resign as PM and take responsibility for the Malaysian screw-ups. But then again, he has always thought highly of himself, that he is a great Malaysian asset. Please somebody – tell him he was off by two letters! 

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