Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day of Infamy Explained

The forces of evil came together to corner Anwar Ibrahim and yesterday the Court of Appeal overturned his acquittal for sodomy, and sentenced him to five years jail. It was cleverly staged, the script faithfully followed and of course, it was an unanimous decision.
Judge Balia Yusof Wahi, who led a three-man bench the other two were Justices Aziah Ali and Mohd Zawawi Salleh  delivered the court's decision in ninety minutes after hearing submissions from both parties on Thursday and Friday.
[Anwar, who is PKR de facto leader and Permatang Pauh MP, was charged, in August 2008 at the Kuala Lumpur High Court, with sodomizing his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan. And he was found not guilty in January 2012. The prosecution filed an appeal against the decision, which led to the overturned verdict on March 07, 2014].
Two individuals in particular are celebrating this momentous event. I can hear the drums beating and the trumpets blaring to commemorate Anwar’s misadventure in the judicial labyrinth that serves as yet another example of a national institution that has gone rogue.
Former prime minister and devil incarnate Mahathir Mohamad was furious when the Federal Court released Anwar Ibrahim in 2006. He blamed his successor Abdullah Badawi for this and the latter became his punching bag until his quick downfall.
The fact that a resurgent Anwar energized the opposition forces that comprise of PKR, DAP and PAS and then brought all three together under the banner of Pakatan Rakyat exacerbated Mahathir’s anger and made him even more bitter when the PR coalition shattered the myth of BN’s invincibility at the 2008 polls.
And Anwar has been a thorn in the side of Mahathir and in the run-up to GE13, the former hammered and chiseled away at the latter's Achilles heel: his sons’ embarrassing wealth. All he could manage was to feebly deny and the voluble Mahathir could not offer any other comeback.
Mahathir’s plan to end Anwar’s political career in 1998 finally came to fruition yesterday.
The other happy person is Najib Razak, the current prime minister. With Anwar behind bars, Najib would have one less formidable adversary to contend with. For a chickenshit who enjoys an approval rating of just about 50%, an Anwar who is locked away comes as a mighty big relief.
Besides, Shafee Abdullah’s appointment as the prosecutor was down to Najib and this was a rare and atypical move that blatantly showed how much Putrajaya wanted to win in court.
Anwar Ibrahim showing himself to take the lead with the Kajang stratagem caught napping UMNO off-guard and they scrambled to stop him – at all costs. When Anwar wins the by-election this month, he can position himself as a potential Menteri Besar of the richest state in Malaysia and this would have been all too much for his foes.
After all, UMNO understood the dire consequences if Anwar not only becomes the MB but he does a more than decent job. The danger lurks when Anwar has a platform. Therefore, Anwar must be finished off before he assumes the position of Selangor MB.
And so I urge Malaysians to remember March 07, the day of infamy. We must know the evil that UMNO do. And we must no longer keep silent when injustice shows itself. I am angry; in fact Malaysians must get angry because wickedness has decided to set up home in this country!
If Anwar is out, then Nurul Izzah must be ready to lead. Anwar's fate is to be the sacrificial lamb for our better future. His redemption will come one day but for now, I fear it is too late to save Anwar.

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