Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tony Fernandes Gloats Over MAS Losses

Tony Fernandes (left) is not one to pass up on a golden opportunity to whack Malaysia Airlines! MAS reported damning losses of RM1.17 billion ($356 million) in its 2013 financial year and this presented rival AirAsia Group chief executive officer a tempting reason to gloat!

In a series of Twitter posts, Fernandes smirked and said MAS has suffered massive losses despite government support, unlike his budget airline AirAsia. He boasted that AirAsia has been “amazing”. 

“I wonder if it's fair that Malaysia Airlines can lose so much money and protect its market share. Can only do that with taxpayers money,” one of his tweets said.

Hmmm, I wonder what the bigwigs at MAS and the Government have got to say to his fast and furious tirades? If they are Japanese, meaning, if they have honor, they would do Malaysians a favor by committing harakiri!

Yesterday, I was really preoccupied with classes and a meeting and I didn’t get a chance to think up a speech. I was a contestant for the AFC Toastmasters Club International Speech & Table Topics contests. Even when I had a little bit of time, I was marking my students’ mid-term test papers. By the time I reached Bukit Jalil, I was still without a speech. As I filled out the contest form, all I managed was a title: I am the cockroach. 

When the contests proper started, I was still very much clueless. I was the third speaker and just as my name was about to be called, I imagined a cockroach. It just appeared in my head. As I scrambled to my feet, a string of words tugged at me to get my attention – a living fossil, indefatigable, seemingly indestructible.

That was all I had when I went up on stage to give a speech about the cockroach. But thankfully, I managed to pull off a decent speech and when the results were announced, I was the winner of this club-level International Speech contest. In the other contest, i.e. Table Topics, I was the first runner-up.

I should congratulate myself because I did it – for the second time. But when I think of it, it is kinda bizarre to do that type of speech!

And next week (again), still another opportunity – another club contest. Another challenge, another test, another speech!

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