Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Break Up

This is a humdinger of a funny video that stars a couple who are heading for a break up – with the help of 154 movie titles!

I was at the Joint Area G2 & G4 International Speech & Table Topics contests in Petaling Jaya today. There were seven of us participating in the International Speech contest but really, in Area G2, it was a straight fight between me (representing AFC Toastmasters Club) and Speecom’s Sasie Gala. It was still the 'same' cockroach speech but I gave it a different title "The Survivor". And I won. (The cockroach strikes again!)

March 29 is the day of reckoning because I will be involved in an eight way tussle for Division G qualification in order for me to compete next at the District-level contest in Kuala Terengganu – provided I can nail the contest on that day.

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