Monday, February 10, 2014

Naked Nasi Lemak

Malaysia’s Chef Wan (left) has labelled the nasi lemak served on board MAS as “telanjang” (naked). He had taken an economy flight on the national air carrier to Bangkok on January 29, 2014 when he was served the offending nasi lemak – a fragrant rice dish that is a favorite among Malaysians.

A good nasi lemak cannot be taken lightly it should fulfill a number of requisites: quality, texture, flavors and, of course, the right ingredients!

The celebrity chef uploaded the picture (see below) on social site Instagram, which showed his nasi lemak with half a boiled egg cutting a lonely figure on top, and devoid of the customary sliced cucumbers, fried groundnuts and anchovies:

In that post, Chef Wan bemoaned the “sad-looking nasi lemak”, saying he uploaded the picture as he felt the need for MAS to realize how serious a matter it was. 

"The fact that our national career doesn’t take pride in providing our so-called most famous Malaysian breakfast that we boast about ("agong-agongkan"), being proud of it all over the world. To showcase this on an international flight without the proper cucumber and kacang as well as anchovies makes this Malaysian breakfast look really poor,” he said. 

Actually, the food served on board MAS these days has been deteriorating for some time! A sad but true fact! 

I was in KL’s Pusat Bandar Damansara on Saturday to attend the HELP University Toastmasters meeting – I had received a request to evaluate a member’s CC#10 speech. I have not been at HELP for quite awhile – my last visit there was on April 27, 2013. 

Anyway, the speech I evaluated is best forgotten. The meeting didn’t start on time and it didn’t finish on time either. A lot of new faces and it is obvious they do need a lot of help and support. And encouragement. If I am to give the meeting a score, it would be a 4 over 10. 

It was nice to meet up with Ash (photos #13 & #14) again! (He was my Business Marketing student at Monash Sunway last year).

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