Monday, February 24, 2014

It Doesn't Get Better

Check out this video that is targeted at today’s popular kids – it tells us that the future does not always promise better days! In other words, it doesn’t get better!

The video above has a very appropriate title. And it rings true for Cardiff City too.

Even as I was glued to the Celtic-Hearts game on Saturday, I had another eye on the Cardiff-Hull match, given the Vincent Tan connection. 

Cardiff City boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (on the right in photo) is getting hot under the collar. Cardiff now need five wins from their last 11 matches to survive. His EPL record is sad – he had won one, drawn one and lost 5 matches todate. 

The Norwegian replaced Malky MacKay in January and even with his so-called Manchester United touch, Cardiff is not able to put the brakes on their rapid descent into the abyss of infamy. He knows he has a tough fight on his hands to maintain Cardiff's EPL status and it is sorely testing his fledgling managerial career. 

"It is because it's a different challenge," insists Solskjaer. He is not admitting that he is out of his depth as the Cardiff manager. 

Sure, he had gained a wee bit of fame as a MU player – he scored the second of two injury-time goals to help the Red Devils come from behind to win the UEFA Champions League Final in 1999 – but even if he considered himself a good player, it does not mean he can be a good manager. 

In fact, Solskjaer had targeted the February 22nd game against Hull as a potential win for his struggling side. But they were soundly thrashed 4-0. He himself admitted that his Cardiff players weren’t good enough in front of both goals, defending and attacking! 

Shouldn’t he stop his BS? I puke whenever Brendan Rodgers talks! And now this guy’s no different! 

Berjaya’s Tan must have had a lousy birthday yesterday – he turned 62 – his Welsh ‘pretend dragons’ presented him with an unforgettable birthday gift: their worst home defeat in 14 years! 

"I'm never going to quit," vowed Solskjaer. "I'm going to be in front of these lads and guide them and lead them”. Duh! What else did you expect him to say? Of course he won’t quit! No manager worth his salt will quit - he just gets the sack! 

I cannot wait to see how long the Malaysian billionaire’s patience will last before he turns on Solskjaer. He had crucified MacKay and I predict he will do the same to the hapless Solskjaer! Just wait and see.

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