Friday, February 14, 2014

Expensive Romance

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Kindly expect to end the day with leaner wallets if you do go out on a date on Valentine's Day. Retailers are expected to cash in on romantic favorites and this is not something that occurs only  in Malaysia but everywhere else too! 

In the UK, eating out is said to be the biggest source of Valentine’s spend with Barclays predicting that £55 million will be spent just on dining out on the day itself. One can expect average restaurant prices to increase by 35 percent and prices for a delivery of a dozen red roses were on average 58 percent higher on February 14. This phenomenon is called VAT, i.e. Valentine's Added Tax! 

I guess snubbing Valentine’s Day would be best. In fact, is encouraging single daters to shun today, advising their members that there are 364 better days each year on which to date. I tend to believe they are absolutely right! 

On Thursday, I had been given a speaking slot to deliver an Ice-Breaker in Malay at the Kelana Bilingual Toastmasters meeting but regrettably it did not materialize. By 6.30 PM, there were only two attendees – a member and I! By 6:50 PM, a second member turned up. Even the meeting room wasn’t available until nearly 7 PM. A very disappointing turn of events. I should give this meeting an egg!

And so, I went to KDU University College to attend the D’Utama Toastmasters meeting. It started six minutes late and ended fourteen minutes behind schedule. The speeches were not that great either although the evaluations were alright. 

I heard a very unusual presidential address though – if you can call it that – because the VP Education who was standing in for the President delivered it like an RTM news broadcast. He actually gave us a few snippets of current news! 

My score for this meeting is a poor 2.5 over 10. 

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