Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ahmad Zahid Doesn't Give a Damn

On Saturday, indifferent Ahmad Zahid Hamidi dismissed the threat against DAP's Teresa Kok (Refer to my blogpost at this link he said "there is nothing to investigate as it is not a threat".
"Why do we need to investigate that? Slapping is not a threat. If they say murder, then it is a threat," said the home minister who spoke as if he is really stupid. I take it back. Calling him stupid would be an insult to stupid people.
Ahmad Zahid is a disgrace, period.
The "Council of Islamic NGOs" gleefully made a high-speed response – it was not afraid of the consequences and worse, it was not even apologetic for the threat it made. In fact, Ahmad Zahid’s callous comments appeared to have emboldened it – it is now warning that there will be more protests if "things do not change".
Believe me when I say that some Malay-Muslims are hell-bent on turning this country into a circus!

The Reds outplayed the Gunners in convincing fashion. They showed speed. They piled on the pressure. They had deadly finishing. And classy Liverpool carved a big 5-1 over Arsenal.
Any Gunner fan would have wept. Arsenal had arrived on Merseyside high on confidence at the top of the table, but once the game started – Liverpool showed their demolition skills.
Martin Skrtel cashed in on some flat-footed Arsenal defending to divert Steven Gerrard's angled free-kick past goalie Wojciech Szczesny inside the first minute.
Liverpool's second came less than ten minutes later when Gerrard was able to find Skrtel from a corner, who forced a header into the top left of the goal.
Then it was Raheem Sterling’s turn – he scored the third when he slotted home a close shot in the sixteenth minute, thanks to a neat low cross from Luis Suarez.
By only the twentieth minute, Daniel Sturridge contributed the fourth goal when he took Philippe Coutinho's perfectly weighted pass in his stride to beat Szczesny.
Sterling grabbed his second and Liverpool’s fifth when he hit a rebounded shot into the back of the net in the fifty-second minute.
Arsenal finally got on the scoresheet after 69 minutes when Gerrard upended Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Mikel Arteta scored from the spot.
Wow! The Reds electrified me with their awesomeness!

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