Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wall that is an UHD TV

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Samsung has a 110-inch UHD TV with a steep asking price of $150,000. But Sony has an even better idea that can turn any wall into a giant ultra-high definition television. 

Unveiled at the International CES 2014 this week, the cutting-edge 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector looks like a piece of tastefully designed minimalist furniture. It is not only sleek but it delivers a 147-inch image on your wall, from just a couple of inches away. It also features two cabinet units to accommodate other home electronics and two powerful speakers making this a truly immersive and visually stunning experience.

Despite the size of the videos it is capable of screening, the system takes up very little space. Even with the speaker units, the whole thing only measures 1100 x 265 x 535mm and the projected images can be adjusted to suit the size of wall available. It may be able to top out at 147 inches, but it can also screen a film at 66 inches and at incremental sizes in between. As well as HDMI input, the projector can connect to the internet or to a satellite or cable TV feed. 

And although this particular unit on display is merely a prototype, Sony has confirmed that the finished version will be going on sale in the US by the summer, priced at approximately $30,000-$40,000 (RM98505-RM131,340). Now, isn’t this cool? 

On Thursday, the Sunway University Toastmasters Club had their regular meeting at the university. For the very first time, we had an internal General Evaluator and the honor was given to our Immediate Past President, Dr Nagiah Ramasamy. 

This meeting saw (non-Toastmasters) guests almost equaling the number of members and they were mostly newly-enrolled students from the January 2014 intake. And I believe we impressed them because there were good speeches and evaluations that evening. Even Table Topics were interesting. I am giving this meeting a score of an 8 over 10. 


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