Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mahathir Mohamad Wants ISA

On Thursday, former prime minister and racist Mahathir Mohamad suggested that the government bring back the repealed Internal Security Act to control the actions of the "extremist minority" which he said has undermined the country's stability.

He said the ‘group’ – which he did not identify but we all know who he was referring to – was immature and willing to make statements that touched on the sensitivities of other races (actually he was referring to one race, the Malays who need to be kept safe from external influences because they are brittle, feeble and weak and so they need to be mollycoddled, shielded and protected) as well as disrupted harmony in the country.

I would really question this man's maturity because from the pronouncements he had made so often, he is a troublemaker, a firebrand and a malcontent.

When he called attention to the minority, he was actually talking about the non-Muslims, specifically the Christians. He seemed to believe that the “Allah” provocation came from this particular segment of Malaysian society – obviously he had chosen to ignore the fact that this “quarrel” was actually started by him!

The issue of Kalimah Allah came to light in the 1980s during Mahathir’s regime. As the Home Minister then, he was the first person who banned the Alkitab from Indonesia which carried the name “Allah”. This was done to cater to his style of self-serving politics.

I can determine, UMNO are more interested to use the Kalimah Allah to divide and rule the nation. UMNO have little interest to promote unity amongst Malaysians; all they desire is to wield influence and exercise control over the population. Indeed, lust for power knows no bounds.

If I have my way, the one person who needs to be locked up and the keys thrown away is Mahathir himself and I shall not exempt the other provocateurs either!

In 2014, Malaysia beckons too:

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