Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kangkung May Spark May 13

Malay rights group Perkasa on Monday made the stunning claim that the furor over kangkung may result in a repeat of the May 13 racial riots if it continues to be played up. Its information chief Muhammad Zahid Md Arip said the issue has become racial and is against Malaysia’s multiracial society! WTF!

Zahid continued his tirade, saying that many people are seen as disrespecting Prime Minister Najib Razak on this issue. So what? What’s this imbecile’s point?

If anybody (-anything) that should get upset over this particular issue – it is the kangkung! The green (left) has been associated unfairly with Najib and it has become the object of derision, disdain and despisal – thanks again to Najib!

Can somebody please tell Perkasa that May 13 is something that had happened a long long time ago? It should stay buried, period. And in spite of the best efforts of agent provocateurs with their hidden agendas, there will be no May 13! That is because I believe that the majority of Malaysians won’t allow it! Malaysians refuse to be manipulated, to be strung along, to be used. 

On that day too, I returned to Bandar Puteri for the Puchong English Toastmasters meeting. I was the evaluator for one of three speakers and I was really happy for this club that yet again, their meeting went well. Yup, it was a good meeting! I shall score it a 7.5 over 10.

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