Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Victor Ong's Medallion

SUBS students from the January-March 2011 cohort presented medallions to their lecturers as a show of appreciation. I was one of those lecturers and I found it really heart-warming because the best appreciation lecturers can receive is when it comes from the students themselves. 

My medallion – it has a three-word inscription: "The Best Speaker"is as shown below:

Thanks, people! You rock! 

The rampant Reds gave no quarter to neighbors Everton. They blasted in four goals to produce a magnificent victory – Liverpool's biggest derby triumph since November 1982 – and maintained their pursuit of a top-4 place in a hotly-contested EPL season. Steven Gerrard put Liverpool ahead in the twenty-first minute before Daniel Sturridge struck twice in the space of two minutes (33, 35). Luis Suarez completed the Toffees’ rout when he raced half the length of the field, kept his composure and then slid his left-footed shot past goalie Tim Howard (50) for his 23rd goal of the season.  

The fabulous Reds gave a first-rate and fantastic performance!

In Prime Minister Najib Razak's underachieving mind, kangkung is auspicious! This is Najib's Lunar New Year greeting this year!


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