Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Chinese Invasion

I was having a good long laugh when reading about Zaharah Sulaiman, a writer and historian from a nondescript society called Malaysia Archaeology Association. She had made this astounding claim that the Chinese poured into the Malay archipelago (including Malaysia) as part of a “southbound invasion” from China towards Southeast Asia called “Nam Tien”.
And this inpouring of the “pendatang” Chinese was calamitous, destructive and ruinous because it supposedly stripped the ancient Malay peoples of their riches and knowledge, causing their descendants to be inferior to other races despite being ostensibly one of the oldest civilizations in the world!
Wow, she was saying that the Malays are inferior today because the Chinese made them inferior! This immediately brings Eleanor Roosevelt's quote to mind: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent". I suppose they enthusiastically gave themselves permission to feel that way.
She had also admitted that “Malays are called lazy and not innovative, but it’s because the knowledge, the peoples who have the knowledge have gone extinct”! She declared that the Chinese stole the Malays’ expertise – she identified know-how in mining gold and tin. And for good measure, she added that when these “foreigners came to Tanah Melayu, they grabbed (our riches) and killed Malays, (and) they took over our tin and gold mines”.

Zaharah also pointed her accusing finger at the Westerners, particularly the colonial British, blaming them for helping these southbound Chinese immigrants grab land from the Malays, and gave as example the alleged award of land in Penang by British trader, Francis Light, to the Chinese.
Malays’ riches were then used to financially support the British conquest across the world, and later to fund Dr Sun Yat-Sen’s democratic revolution leading to the formation of the People’s Republic of China, she claimed.
What an amazing tall story! I have to admit she is really good!
BTW, “Nam tien” is a Vietnamese term literally meaning “South march”, and it generally refers to a southward expansion of Vietnamese territory from its original heartland in the Red River Delta between the 11th and 18th century. In case you’re wondering what has Vietnam got to do with the Chinese – then read the rest of her story.
According to Zaharah, the Cham people who had settled in ancient Champa, is where central Vietnam is located today, were ancient Malays who was then conquered by the Dai Viet who came from South China. Similarly, the Funan Kingdom which is now part of Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, were also settled by ancient Malays before they were conquered by the Tai people, also from South China. The Tai, Zaharah said, were the ancestors of the Thai people, who had then tried to conquer the Malay people in the Malay peninsula. I don't know how true this is but in any case, this is her version of history!
But you have to give her grudging respect – not many people can come up with fantastic stories such as this. But I happen to believe that if she wants to be a smartass, first she has to be smart. Otherwise she’s just an ass!

Wow, Zaharah Sulaiman's even dumber than she looks.
Last evening, I was at Bukit Jalil to deliver a speech titled “Women – The Preferred Gender”, and even won the Best Assignment Speaker award. It was another impromptu speech – the speech came together only when I stepped on stage. Sometimes, I even surprise myself! Overall, this had been a good meeting and not only that but it even started on time and finished on time! This was really an achievement – keep it up! This meeting deserves an 8 over 10.



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those last picture you want to show up are just to compare what a smart face look like is it?.. never mind you can just smile at your own achievement now and laugh at those down you..

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