Sunday, October 27, 2013

The "Allah" Issue Again

Sabahan Christians received a slap in the face on Friday when two thousand copies of The Herald were detained at the Kota Kinabalu airport by the Home Affairs Ministry, demonstrating yet again the Government's insincerity. Although Putrajaya lifted the stop-order this morning but it was too late to send them in time for Sunday services at churches.

Now Turkey’s Mustafa Akyol, author of “Islam Without Extremes” (2011) had joined the debate on the Malaysian Muslim perversion in wanting to keep the "Allah" word solely for themselves. He wrote that “this is one of the most illogical, insensible and childish decisions I have heard in my life. It is sheer nonsense.
Why? Well, first of all, the word “Allah” simply means “The God” in Arabic, and it certainly is not exclusive to Islam. Pre-Islamic Arabs also referred to “Allah,” as the biggest deity above many idols that they had invented in their polytheistic culture. (That is why Islam proclaimed, “There is no god, but only The God [Allah].”)
Moreover Arab Christians have been using the term for centuries, simply because there is no other word in Arabic to refer to God. What must be even more binding for Muslims from all cultures, however, is that the Quran itself insists that Muslims worship the same God as Christians and Jews. Muslims are even commanded to say to these fellow monotheists, “Our God and your God are one, and we submit to Him,” (29:46).
In other words, if Malaysian Muslims should have done anything about the word “Allah,” it should have been to call on Christians to use the term freely.
(Meanwhile, the Quran certainly condemns the Doctrine of Trinity, like Judaism also does, but this does not negate the commonality of all these three faiths in “the God of Abraham.”)
In short, the Malaysian decision to claim a Muslim copyright for “Allah” is grossly wrong. It is both un-Islamic and irrational. And it only reveals the burning lack of intellectual self-confidence among Muslims”!
I know I am repeating some of the arguments over and over again but we are dealing with some of the most ignorant if not the stupidest people ever to walk on this earth! It would seem that many Malaysian Muslims are really unlearned, unknowledgeable and unschooled about their own religion! Can I suggest that they be made to re-study the Quran again?

Alex Ferguson's autobiography (released October 24, 2013) is a strange book because it does not just cover his managerial exploits and that of the club that he successfully managed.
He also had an obsession with Liverpool Football Club and Steven Gerrard in particular. In fact, he saw it fit to dedicate an entire chapter of his book on the Reds. But what irks many of us was his criticism of Steven Gerrard – describing him as 'not a top, top player' – and that is sadly misguided!
Kenny Dalglish was one of many who came out to defend Gerrard. If the latter isn't top class, why was Fergie desperate to sign him, the former had correctly asked?
And Dalglish promptly replied that maybe it was because Gerrard didn’t want to leave Liverpool to go to Manchester United.

Dalglish also said “Ferguson must be the only person with any knowledge of football who does not regard Steven as a world-class player. His performances over the years have spoken much louder than any of Ferguson’s words could. He has acted with class on and off the pitch.

Maybe what’s eating Ferguson is that you can only imagine the success that United would have had with Steven in their team. It’s frightening. And it would be scary to think of the trophies Liverpool would have missed out on without him”.
FYI, Steven Gerrard netted his 100th Barclays Premier League goal in a red shirt with a calmly converted spot-kick against Newcastle on October 19, 2013. And his game yesterday (against West Brom) was his 450th top-flight game for Liverpool. All in all, his footballing feat has been simply amazing!


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