Monday, October 21, 2013

Ban The Al-Kitab

Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali urged Prime Minister Najib Razak to ban the Malay Bible the al-Kitab from Malaysia in retaliation for the Christian community’s “ingratitude”.

The attack against the Christians is continuing at an unrelenting pace. Najib Razak, our beloved Prime Minister is not helping matters by staying silent! He's really chicken shit!
“We have been compromising, we have given them leeway. They wanted the Malay Bible, we allowed them to have it… they were still not satisfied,” explained Ibrahim on Thursday.

To show his disdain for the religion, he also took a swipe at Christians, saying they insist on using the word ‘Allah’ because there is no other name for their God!
A day later, Ibrahim told The Malay Mail Online that Arab scholars who criticized the Court of Appeal’s ban on the Christian usage of “Allah” are ignorant, and saying that not everyone in the Middle East, Islam’s birthplace, understood the religion well.
He also didn’t spare the Indonesians – accusing the detractors from that country as worse than the Arabs, and pointing out that some Muslims in the neighboring country even consume pork.
Not bad lah, this Ibrahim – he lambasted fellow Muslims as if he, himself, is the Messenger of God!
In a further reminder to the Christian community here, former attorney general Abu Talib Othman said that all Malaysians are bound by the “Allah” ruling. So Christians in Sabah and Sarawak, kindly take note!
Nesrine Malik, a commentator with UK newspaper The Guardian, had written on Wednesday that the Muslims’ claim of a monopoly on “Allah” was paradoxical as it creates separate gods for separate religions, thus directly contradicting Prophet Muhammad’s message. She had said that the court ruling was as “ridiculous as the UK passing a law saying that ‘God’ was a Christian designation, and therefore other religions had to find their own words for their own deities”.
In fact, former Perlis mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin did clarify that as long as the word “Allah” was used to refer to 'the most supreme being', the non-Muslims could use the word. He had asked: "…actually it is (a) non-issue. Muslims believe in one God. So how can we say your God is different from mine?"
Let me repeat: Malaysia Boleh, Malaysia Bodoh!
On Thursday, I was at Tower 1 of the Petronas Twin Towers to attend the joint-meeting of the Pesona and the Tiger Toastmasters Clubs. Both are in-house clubs of Petronas and Exxon-Mobil respectively. I was the General Evaluator. My score: A 6.5 over10.


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