Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Gold iPhone 5S

Apple on Monday announced opening weekend sales of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C had topped a record-breaking nine million units since Friday’s launch of both phones.  And in case, you didn’t know, these iPhones that flew off the shelves nearly doubled the "over five million" units of the iPhone 5 sold in its opening weekend last year! 

Analytics firm Localytics revealed that the iPhone 5S outshone the 5C by a factor of 3.4x and some countries such as Japan had seen ratios of as high as 5x. In Hong Kong and mainland China, it’s all about the gold iPhone 5S. As you know, the Chinese are madly in love with gold. Favored by emperors and representing wealth and luxury in Chinese culture, gold means status and prestige.

And so Apple's first gold-color iPhone 5S sold out immediately in the said territories.

In the US itself, owners of the said iPhone knew this and they were more than prepared to hawk off their smartphones. One seller “papakar” sold the iPhone 5S Gold for $10,100 on popular auction site, eBay! Below is the proof of this jaw-dropping bid and win. For those curious, no the iPhone is not made out of real gold. 

eBay is a good place to purchase items, at typically reduced prices. Except in the case of the iPhone 5S Gold. The phone retails $649.99, yet the starting price begins at $1,500 and is selling roughly upwards of $4,000 and more for the phones.

The Scottish League Cup remains the one domestic trophy Celtic boss Neil Lennon has yet to win and he will need to wait at least another season after Morton booked their place in the quarter-finals with a timely 1-0 win on Wednesday. 

The first 90 minutes produced a goalless outcome and then Douglas Imrie scored from the spot in extra time after defender Efe Ambrose was penalized for handball. Celtic had their chances but to Morton’s credit, they defended superbly and in the end, they claimed a famous Cup scalp. Celtic was so disappointing!


Unknown said...

Samsung and Apple shake hands again! Their relationship is really complicated. any comments on that?

Glam said...

Apple and Samsung are competitors but to me, it is more than just rivalry. They prod each other by bringing on innovation that is fast and furious. And even better, they create excitement in the market. It is a unique relationship like no other.

Unknown said...

that is what i thought too. creating excitement, temptation, dividing customers to group. they certainly will need each other to prosper. create this psychological need in people. So now the question is, is all the patent cases for the sake of protecting their own company, or for the sake of marketing? since their patent lawsuit news are worldwide, viral, and free publicity in the news. but if Apple's concern is marketing, of course it means they want to gain more profit. Then why did Apple drop the offer of getting $10 per andriod phone sold in the whole world?