Friday, September 13, 2013

Home-buying Advice

Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor (left) was in his pompous element the other day. He decided to give Malaysians a dressing down. And it’s all because we demand houses that we can afford. 

But he scolded us and telling us in no uncertain terms that we should cease complaining over the skyrocketing price of properties.

He offered a simple advice: "If the houses developers are selling are expensive, then don't buy" and adding that everyone was bound by the simple rule of "willing buyer and willing seller".

I think he was hinting to us that if at all, house prices are beyond our reach, then we should just change our lifestyle. He wasn’t clear on the specifics but perhaps, he could be suggesting that we sleep on the streets.

Again, he admonished Malaysians: "You all complain and grumble too much. Everything goes up, you get upset and you want a convenient life”.

And he continued: "Sometimes you have to pay to enjoy all these you know"!

So this plump and portly bag of wraparound flesh is really saying: (1) I’m rich, so why should I care about you? (2) Kindly accept the fact that I am not even trying to be sympathetic because I don’t give a shit, and (3) It is not my effing problem!

Actually, the Minister’s dismissive tone of "can't afford, don't buy lah" is not dissimilar to the one that came from another of his cocky and contemptuous colleagues who said “Don’t like this country, leave lah”!

Last evening, Sunway University Toastmasters (and guests) were indulging in a posh table d’hote at The Dining Room, a ritzy restaurant at Sunway University. Check out the photos below:

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