Saturday, August 17, 2013

Smartphone Sales Overtake Feature Phones

Smartphone’s took a majority of mobile phone sales worldwide for the first time in the April-June quarter, a survey showed Wednesday. I am acutely aware that I am a member of a dwindling minority because I am still refusing to buy a smartphone.

The report by the research firm Gartner found smartphone sales totaled 225 million in the second quarter, or 51.8 percent of all mobile phones sold in the period. It was the first time smartphone sales exceeded those of feature phones, which are more basic phones with limited or no access to the Internet and applications.

Gartner's data showed Samsung sold 71.3 million smartphones in the quarter, representing a market share of 31.7 percent. Apple was second with 31.9 million, followed by South Korea's LG, with 11.4 million and a share of 5.1 percent, and China's Lenovo and ZTE.

Samsung was also the top seller of all mobile phones, with a total of 107 million in the period, or 24.7 percent.

Sunway University hosted a one-day workshop “Discover How To Become A Professional Master of Ceremonies” today. I had wanted to attend because I have two emceeing jobs next week but I had to give it a miss because I was at MIMKL’s Humorous Speech & Speech Evaluation contests. The facilitator was the affable Jon Tan and the event was organized by Division B. Sunway University Toastmasters, i.e. Nawal Lyana, Marilyn Lai, Thinesh Naidu and Wong Jia Wei who went for the workshop told me they have learned a great deal.

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