Saturday, August 31, 2013

LUCT's Generosity with Honorary Degrees

On Tuesday, visiting South African President Jacob Zuma (left) was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate of Humanity from Malaysia’s Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

That was also the same day his country’s highest court ruled on a case about the right to vote him out of office for being a bad leader. Already many South Africans considered the “obscene” spending on Nkandla – R270 million was spent during tough economic times to build Zuma’s ‘palace’ at Nkandla – and other aspects of Zuma’s presidency indefensible, e.g. rampant corruption and the abuse of public funds for personal gain. In many ways, South Africa is very much like Malaysia.

Anyway, a university that gives out honorary degrees to personalities whose supposedly larger-than-life achievements are suspect, cheapens itself to the point where the paper the degrees are printed on are probably worth even less than the cost of toilet paper.

This is the university that also awarded honorary degrees to unsavory Malaysians. You and I know them very well. Najib Abdul Razak was conferred the Honorary Doctorate of Social Transformation in 2008. Mahathir Mohamad received his Honorary Doctorate of Humanity in 2009. And then it was Rosmah Mansor’s turn – in 2011, she was presented with the Honorary Doctorate of Innovation in Human Capacity Development.

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