Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beauty and Chocolate


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Another chocolaty write-up. One type of food that is used for beauty is chocolate.

Chocolate is increasingly used in beauty treatments. The theory comes back to those antioxidants, which reduce free-radical damage that can come from pollution, sunburn, cigarette smoke and alcohol. 

There are beauty mavens in the US that feature chocolate-based facial treatments, manicures, pedicures, body scrubs, body wraps and massages.

One significant advantage here is that if you’re not going to eat the stuff you don’t have to combine it with huge amounts of sugar and fat to make it taste nice.

And of course it sounds brilliant in the marketing – what greater indulgence could there be than to be wrapped in a coating of pure chocolate?

I was the General Evaluator at the Crystal Toastmasters meeting yesterday. I hadn’t realized that I hadn’t visited the club for a long while – my last meeting there was on November 12, 2012! It was great to make a return visit to the Tropicana Golf & Country Resort and it was most heartening to note that the Toastmasters there are still gung-ho about Toastmastering, and even better, passionate about it. Putting aside a great meeting venue and great food, the speeches and evaluations last night were great too. I particularly liked Benny Chia’s evaluation because he injected humor into his presentation – I had not seen this side of him before! Honestly! I was LOL-ing! I am therefore more than pleased to give this meeting a 9 over 10! It was really a great meeting!

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