Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ahmad Zahid May Have a PhD But He Got His Sums Wrong

Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is displaying his stupidity again. He has made the outrageous claim that the release of 2,600 criminals when the Emergency Ordinance (EO) was repealed in 2011 has resulted in 260,000 criminals on the streets. How 2600 could have multiplied a hundred times is beyond me! It's just mind-boggling! 

But he has got a doctorate from Universiti Putra Malaysia! Surely that must say something about his IQ. Or if really, he doesn’t have any IQ, then it says something about the quality of tertiary education in Malaysia, doesn’t it? After all, it awarded a Ph D to him! 

Anyway, if we could demonstrate sheer gullibility and support this scandalous assertion that there are at least a quarter of a million felons on the loose, we’d better deploy the Malaysian armed forces and even the United Nations peacekeeping force to combat the scourge of runaway crime in this country. 

And according to DAP’s Lim Guan Eng, the numbers that Ahmad Zahid gave were not only unbelievable but also that they outnumbered the country’s 112,583 police and 124,000 armed forces personnel! Furthermore, the police numbers do not reflect those men and women tasked with law enforcement. Lim said that only nine percent or 10,150 of the total number of personnel in the police force are combating crime. 

So there’s no way we can see crime making a retreat! 

Today, I went to Level 10 of KPMG Tower in Bandar Utama where the KPMG Toastmasters meeting was in session. There were familiar faces – Grace Loh, Wong Mae Foon, Jowy Chong and Jason Chng as well as unfamiliar ones. I didn’t know what to expect because the last time I was there was on December 14, 2012. Still, the minute the meeting began, it brought back wonderful memories of the five meetings I attended last year. Members may come and go but the quality speeches and evaluations are still there.

Loh even took me by surprise when she presented a toast honoring me! (She was delivering an Advanced speech “Mastering the Toast” from the Special Occasion Speeches manual. I was touched. I was moved. I was humbled. The meeting was a happy marriage of freshness and maturity. I enjoyed it extremely and it surely deserves an 8 over 10.


View from Level 10, KPMG Tower:

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