Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why Self-publish?

I came across this good piece of advice from Hugh Howey, author of the runaway self-published best-seller Wool. He has a very well-argued, thoughtful, and fascinating look at the relative merits of self-publishing for a median kind of writer:

“There are two possibilities. Your book might be in the top 1 percent of what readers are looking for – whether by the magic of your plot or the grace of your prose – in which case you are far better off self-publishing. You’ll make more money sooner, and you’ll own the rights when it comes time to negotiate with publishers (if you even care to). If, on the other hand, your work isn’t in the top 1 percent, it won’t escape the clutches of the slush pile. Your only hope in this case is to self-publish. Which means there isn’t a scenario in which I would recommend an author begin his or her career with a traditional publisher”.

Methinks he is very right!

This evening I was at Kelab Sri Damansara because I had accepted an invitation to attend the Speecom Toastmasters meeting as the General Evaluator. I was happy to be there because the fellowship, the food, the speeches and evaluations everything was just splendid! Even better, they started and finished on time. But what impressed me most was the open declaration by a senior member (and supported by another senior member) that the club values quality meetings. It is not interested to get infected by this manic madness where Toastmasters fall over each other in an end-of-term stampede to deliver speeches so that they can speedily obtain their Toastmasters titles and earn their clubs the DCP points. And all too often, quality is sacrificed. Coming back to this particular meeting, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and in my books, the meeting has earned an 8.5 over 10.

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