Friday, July 12, 2013

Self-Driving Car

On June 28, 2013, I blogged about "piloted driving" and you may know or not know it, but Google has in fact, already developed a "self-driving car". Last year, Google posted a video on YouTube demonstrating how a Google modified Toyota Prius the project is independent of Toyota was able to blind California resident lead an independent life. The driverless Prius was able to drive a 95% blind Steve Mahan across his neighborhood, stopping at locations such as a laundry shop and a drive-through restaurant. The car even located a parking spot and parked itself, obeyed all traffic regulations and avoided all road hazards.
This is the video: 

Here's another video where we take a look inside the driverless car:

Many car companies have been studying driverless cars for years but todate their prototypes ar eonly able to operate within a narrow set of driving conditions, like on a straight road, following a lead car or along a pre-determined route.

Google, however, developed a fleet of fully operational driverless cars that could operate in many driving conditions in just five years. As of August 2012, Google says its driverless fleet has already logged 500,000 km of accident free driverless mode driving.

Throughout the test period, there were only two accidents involving Google 's driverless fleet both the result of human error rather than computer. The first accident occurred when a Google engineer  was driving the vehicle in manual mode. The second incident happened when the Google driverless car was hit in the rear while it stopped at a red traffic light.

Presently, three states in the US of A allow driverless cars to operate Nevada, Florida and California. The first registered driverless car belongs to Google, with the number plate AU-001. Driverless cars are really cool, don't you think so?

I was at the Taman Indrahana Toastmasters meeting on Tuesday. I had no meeting role although I participated in the Table Topics session and which I was subsequently voted Best Table Topics speaker. Overall, it was a good meeting and I would give it a score of a 7 over 10.

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