Tuesday, July 16, 2013

PR Files Writ to Challenge GE13 Outcome

I salute Pakatan Rakyat because yesterday, they decided to go for the jugular they filed a lawsuit against the seven members of the Election Commission in a brave bid to get the High Court to nullify GE13 and call for fresh elections. It also sought that all EC members be removed from office because they participated in deception; that until the results of a fresh general election are known, the Federal Government shall remain in office as a caretaker government; and that each of the defendants pay exemplary and general damages to the plaintiffs but said the amount would be assessed by the court.

PR explained that this unprecedented move became necessary because the indelible ink screw-up caused massive cheating, destroyed the integrity of GE13, and deprived the opposition pact of a legitimate opportunity to form the federal government of Malaysia. It was also pointed out that some 30 parliamentary seats were lost by PR by fewer than 10 percent of the votes.

"We want a specific court case to highlight and expose this issue and the main relief is the declaration that the EC failed to perform the constitutional duty, and maliciously and dishonestly engaged in fraud in the misuse of indelible ink in the 13th general election," said PKR's Subang MP R Sivarasa (left).

"If the court agrees with us, then the logical conclusion is the results (of the general election) would be set aside. We want a declaration (for the outcome) in all 222 parliamentary seats to be declared void."

PKR's Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar (left) said the suit did not name the EC, but all seven individual members of the commission in their capacity as EC members. The move, she explained, is for the individual members to take responsibility so that the buck will not be passed to the government if any damages are ordered to be paid.

"This (is the) best way to manage and hold the top seven (members of the EC) responsible for their actions or abuse...we want to protect taxpayers' money," she said

I would very much like to see re-elections. I can't wait another 5 years to see this federal government changed. I don't want to wait. UMNO-BN are no longer fit to govern this country and if we don't stop them, they will continue with their old ways to plunder the country in the next 5 years. 

And really, it does not matter if the court does not decide in our favor. I am not holding my breath anyway. But what the case will reveal is far more important because the truth will be known to all Malaysians.

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