Monday, July 22, 2013

Minions Feed the Less Unfortunate

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I too was swept away by this Minion craze and so I went to check out at least 4 McDonald's outlets and all had run out of stocks of Minions. Obviously, I didn't manage to get any but that's not important. What was disturbing was to read reports that Minion lovers are discarding Happy Meals because they just wanted to get their hands on the toys. And so I was heartened to learn that employees from one advertising agency Creative Juice decided to take advantage of this Minion frenzy to help the less unfortunate. They approached those queuing up for the collectibles on Thursday and they actually managed to amass about 170 Happy Meal sets. The food was then distributed to homeless persons in the Petaling Street and Masjid India areas as well as to an orphanage. Great job, people!

On Saturday, I delivered my CC speech #10 Inspire Your Audience titled 'The Mirror' at the MIMKL Toastmasters meeting. And I was voted the Best Project Speaker. Thus this is my completion of the tenth round of the Competent Communication manual. Although I have done this same manual ten times, I never seem to tire. Therefore, I shall continue with many more rounds and many more speeches. Overall, it has been a good meeting and I would give it an 8 over 10 score.

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