Thursday, July 11, 2013

MACC Insists No Proof in Penang


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The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) ended its investigation on alleged vote-buying in Penang during GE13, citing lack of proof! This is despite the reports on 7 cases of the offense lodged by PR in May 2013. 

DAP Tanjung MP Ng Wei Aik said, "Although the voters were not advised or directed to vote for any candidate, the 1Malaysia logo (dinners) and  public knowledge that the money will be given only after BN won a state or parliament seat, are important elements of bribery which comply with what is stated in Section 10,  of the 1954 Election Offenses Act". Ng went on to accuse state MACC director Samarajoo Manikam of "turning a blind eye".

"Has the MACC become the protector of the corrupt?" queried Ng. Perhaps, MACC should be renamed "Malaysian Authority of Corruption Cover-ups"?

I decided to use the canopy walkway from Sunway University to Monash University Sunway Campus on July 02, 2013 because I had my GCHE presentation with Prof Chris Messom that morning. And that was when I decided to take pictures of the Sunway University building under construction. This time, I focused on the Jalan Universiti's side:

And then photos of the same construction from the Sun-U Residence side:

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