Sunday, July 21, 2013

Idiotic Minister

An idiot of a minister, Abdul Rahman Dahlan (left) had stated that Alvin & Vivian’s offense shouldn't be compared with Ibrahim Ali’s bluster about burning Bibles. The latter meant well and in fact, the Well-being, Housing and Local Government Minister went so far as to justify that Ibrahim made the threat only because the Bibles contained printing errors! I can only conclude that stupidity reigns in UMNO's ranks.

Chairperson of the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM), Reverend Eu Hong Seng rubbished the suggestion calling it insensitive, insulting and inflammatory. He insisted that the use of the word ‘Allah’ in the Alkitab is not and has never been an error of printing as claimed by the minister. He reiterated that it is the express right of the Christian community to use the word.

In 2011, the government had already come out with a 10-point solution that allowed for the circulation of the Alkitab – the Malay language Bible that uses the world 'Allah' to refer to God – with conditions. But it never got around to being implemented.

And of course, the non-Muslim members in the cabinet, especially the Christian ministers maintain a cowardly silence.

On Thursday, Sunway University Toastmasters assembled in Room NE3-4 at the university for their regular dose of Toastmastering. As always, we had a good meeting that witnessed good speeches and evaluations. The General Evaluator was wearing a grave expression when she came but thankfully, she broke into smiles later on! I was worried for awhile. An 8 over 10 score for this meeting.

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