Friday, July 12, 2013

Guy Fawkes Masks

Guy Fawkes masks are a common sight during protests. They have become synonymous with any group, usually anti-establishment, that is trying to battle injustice. And one thinking spark wondered: 'Why does a Guy Fawkes mask have to just be one white male face?"  Can't it be represented in different genders and ethnicities and cultures? After all, nowadays, protests are happening all over the world. And so this spark got creative and came up with a collection of alternative Guy Fawkes masks that fit every kind of protest. You can have a mask for Egypt. A mask with Palestinian keffiyeh. A mask with a clown nose. A mask for darker skin tones. A mask for women. And more. 
On Wednesday evening, I was on Level One, KPMG Tower in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya. I had promised Jerusha Sivaratnam more than a month ago to take up the role of General Evaluator this was for the CIMA Toastmasters meeting. There was a decent-sized crowd but it was still a lively meeting because CIMA member Victor Cheong single-handedly induced uproarious laughter that quickly filled the meeting room. I enjoyed the evaluations although the speeches could be better. Nevertheless, the meeting was enjoyable. I would give it a score of a 6.5 over 10.


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Miikan said...

the masks are all the same to represent their united morals, values and vision, and all fight for the same thing.

the group that uses this to represent themselves are called the 'Anonymous', an internet group which originated from a website called 4chan, and are normally hackers. They 'troll'/pull pranks on people to have fun, such as finding out their house number or address through the internet, or steal information; but there are also groups which are more extreme who attack governments or corporations, and release private information such as passwords or bank accounts to the public.