Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Falling Cow

When I read the news story from Brazil that a man was claimed to have been crushed to death by a falling cow, I started to remember this nursery rhyme from my childhood about the cow that jumped over the moon! So, one cow must have missed its step and stumbled. And local media had reported on Sunday that a cow did actually fall through Joao Maria de Souza's roof and landed on his bed.

The accident took place on Wednesday in the southeastern province of Minas Gerais, a mountainous area where cattle are raised. The truth of the matter is that the unfortunate man was lying on his bed in his home, which is built below ground, when a grazing cow stepped on the tin roof and came crashing through. The man died of internal bleeding in the local hospital (The Sun, July 16, 2013, p 10).

On Monday evening I was at the 3rd Mile Square on KL's side of Old Klang Road to attend the Money & You Toastmasters meeting. I was down to evaluate one of the speeches and Amy Lim didn't do so well. Two other speeches were disappointing too. But one speech stood out and it was well-delivered. In fact, I also learned a new word: floccinaucinihilipilification. Fan Ray Aun was a delight to listen to. I shall score this meeting a 4.5 over 10.


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