Friday, July 19, 2013

Duo In Jail

Yesterday, I had just blogged about the 'bak kut teh' duo, Alvin and Vivian. They have been arrested and thrown into jail. They were also denied bail. It looks like they have been judged guilty even before they face trial. They didn't have the right political connections. And therefore, they were not untouchable. 

I don't condone what they did but please tell me, where is the fairness? There have been others who were equally guilty of the same crimes yet they are walking free. Even those who have committed worse crimes (think, rape) were given bail. Why the selective prosecution? Laws must be applied wisely, justly and equally.

I was in Bukit Jalil on Wednesday evening to attend the AFC Toastmasters meeting. Unfortunately, I found the meeting rambling, meandering and long-winded. If there was any consolation, it was the speech by Lim Choon Chen which was praiseworthy. Anyway, this meeting earned a 5.5 over 10.


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